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The Fresh Food Company

The Fresh Food Company welcomes you to try our innovative and fine food, made for people who have an active life and love good food! We guarantee to deliver freshly made, home-style food to you, every day.
Our food is good to eat, wholesome to digest and made out of the freshest ingredients. Our cooking is slow and gentle, retaining the freshness and nutritional value of the ingredients used. We do not use any artificial colours, instead our food is marinated in spices and colour extracted from fresh vegetables and herbs. We use only the freshest ingredients daily in order to bring you delicious yet healthy food at its best.
Our motto ‘Eat Fresh, Eat Right’ is what we truly stand for, as our food is neither over spiced nor over cooked and contains, an all natural ingredient approach. We take pride in our tailor made meals for corporate executives, equipped with the necessary nutrients that ensure that they are at their productive best throughout the day.
With this philosophy we welcome you to an all together lighter and healthier eating experience without any compromise on flavour.

Eat Fresh, Eat Right

  • 1AA, Ground Floor, Luis Building, College Lane, Dadar (West)