About Us - The Fresh Food Co.

About Us

Our Vision

The Vision for The Fresh Food Company is to become a leader in the Indian market, to offer customers high quality, fresh meals daily, prepared in a hygienic environment, which will help people maintain their health and nutrition without hurting their pockets or depriving them of their leisure time.

Our Mission

Our Mission Statement is to cook with passion, integrity and honesty using only the freshest ingredients daily and not adding any artificial preservatives, coloring or flavoring in our food.

How It’s Made

Fresh N Fine:

We provide healthy meals that are cooked with fresh produce every day.

It’s Oil Right:

Special care is taken to ensure that all our meals are prepared using less oil, butter, ghee and cream, thereby ensuring that your meal is healthy, hearty, holistic and yet delicious.

Less Sugar:

Little salt: With your health in mind, we regulate the sugar and salt content in our food but at the same time, retain the essential flavours in our dishes.

The Way To Your Heart:

Healthy food need not be frowned upon. Our team not only works hard to ensure that your food is healthy but also appetizing.

Food Flavourings:

We do NOT use any harmful artificial flavours, like MSG to enhance the taste of our food.

A Balanced Bite:

Utmost care is taken to ensure that the meal we provide is nutritious and has a balance of proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates as well as other essential nutrients.

  • 1AA, Ground Floor, Luis Building, College Lane, Dadar (West)