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We Care

Going Green Does Matter



For a step towards a greener India, order from The Fresh Food Company. We are here to provide green solutions while having your daily meals. With a product range made from 100% compostable plant based raw materials we are providing low impact and non toxic products for our food packaging.
The styrofoam or plastic plate we eat in and throw away, will reach the landfill in less than an hour. It will lie there for thousands of years, pollute the soil, contaminate the groundwater and if incinerated, will emit toxic gases. India generates 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste annually. With each plate, spoon, straw or container the pile grows larger.
The products we use make it easy for you to be part of the solution to the wastage problem in Mumbai. Our packaging materials degrade much faster and return to the soil without polluting it, thus reducing the impact of human consumption on the environment. We work with renewable and natural materials like sugarcane fibre and bamboo.

Let’s all be a part of this change, Order from www.freshfoodco.in

  • India generates 56 lakh tonnes of plastic waste annually and we don’t want to add another plate, spoon, straw or container to the pile.
  • We can’t resist eating & drinking, working & celebrating together and we’d like to do so ethically.
  • In our opinion our bodies and the earth come first.
  • Naturally occurring, renewable, bio-degradable options are abundant and so beautiful.
  • Communities and crafts people depend on us to keep alive traditional knowledge and skills of local materials.
  • We want to do good for our mother land.

Next time you see a styrofoam plate on the road, between the train tracks, in the mountains or anywhere - just think none of that would be there if you were buying green in the first place.
Happy Eating!

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